SmartArch System

The real problem with building an arch out of small parts is that you need a temporary support to assemble the parts on and that temporary support must be built and paid for and most often causes disturbance to water course.

The SmartArch by Bridge Concepts is really a range of systems designed to remove the need for that temporary support by providing an inbuilt support system during erection. It works because, these days, we have fairly ready access to materials, technology and, of course, cranes that can lift a complete arch.

That means we can strike a comfortable balance between the size of piece that can be easily and quickly cast and providing a system to assemble and lift those pieces into place cost efficiently.

Bridge Concepts can supply small bridges for pedestrian, cycle, and vehicular traffic up to HNHO72 loading with range of spans and rises up to 10 m and 3 m respectively. Typical applications include but are not limited to parks, subdivisions, river crossings etc.

SmartArch Bridge arc sections do not require any conventional steel reinforcement, which makes them more durable, long lasting and require minimum to no maintenance.

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